What Are the Benefits of White Roof Coating in New Orleans?

The benefits of white roof coating can extend beyond having a protected roof in New Orleans.  Harsh weather conditions in the state can be a heavy burden on your roof, so giving your roof an additional shield against damaging elements can extend its life.

A white roof coating or a ‘cool roof’ can work double in time to give your roof full protection with a reflective surface.  In fact, with a white roof coating, your roof will be able to reflect 60 to 85 percent of the sun’s heat.

Why is White Roof Coating Good For Houses in New Orleans?

In New Orleans, where the summers are long, hot, and oppressive, a cool roof with a white roof coating can bring great relief.  New Orleans is also reported to be one of the hottest cities in Louisiana, along with Shreveport.

So, if you want to beat the heat of the New Orleans sun, consider applying a white roof coating that will manage the vulnerability of your roof to damage.  Here are good reasons why a white roof coating in New Orleans can benefit you much:

1. Provide Protection From the Sun’s UV Rays

The ultraviolet rays of the sun can be harmful to your health.  New Orleans receives lots of sunshine and even your roof can become vulnerable to its UV rays that can cause your roofing materials to erode when continuously exposed.

Extended exposure to UV rays can weaken the stability of your entire roof.  A white roof coating can provide high solar reflectance which can send UV rays back to the atmosphere.  Your roof will be able to resist deterioration caused by damaging UV rays.

2. Provide Protection From Water Damage

The stability of your roof can be greatly affected by water damage.  Water is a serious threat that can cause seeping on your roof and weakening of its materials.  Likewise, you can experience mold, mildew, and rot when water seeps through your roof materials.

A white roof coating can provide additional protection from water infiltration and ponding water.  It is typically composed of organic or silicone compounds and binders like acrylics, rubber, urethane, and vinyl.

3. Help control indoor temperature

Make your roof more green-friendly by applying a white roof coating that can reduce your use of air conditioning.  The high solar reflectance (SR) and thermal emittance (TE) properties of a cool roof can lower the cooling cost of your building by as much as twenty percent. 

With a roof that is environmentally friendly, the value of your property will increase and your reputation as a business will increase as well.

4. Extends the Life of Your Roof

When all the first benefits of a white roof coating are brought together, you are extending the lifespan of your roof by adding protection and preventing damage.  You are able to mitigate causes of wear and tear and not have to worry about replacing your roof any time soon.

5. Easy to Install

Installing a white roof coating does not involve a complicated process.  A trusted roofing contractor can simply install the coating product for you.  They are applied as the top layer of a composite roof membrane.

How Long Does White Roof Coating Last In New Orleans?

White roof coating typically lasts between 10 to 20 years after the first installation.  When they reach the end of their warranty, they can be recoated and the warranty can start again.  This roof coating is considered a renewable and sustainable roofing system that can be beneficial for your building for years to come.

Can White Roof Coating Prevent Leaks?

Yes.  White roof coatings are waterproof because of the binder, and polymers which give them their elastic properties.  They can solve roof leaks and prevent your roof from forming molds, mildew, and rot.  The material that makes white roof coatings forms a tough seamless membrane protecting roofs against leaks.

You do not need to replace or rip off your whole roof in order to install a white roof coating.  All white roof coating applications are flexible and durable.  They are installed to seal cracks and crevices on your existing roof.  Enjoy the benefits of a white roof coating for years by contacting your local roofing contractor today.

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