Netflix Secret Codes List 2021

Netflix is without a question one of the most popular online streaming solutions, with millions of clients worldwide. Netflix’s network is progressively broadening to even more areas, and the solution is available in most nations. Discovering something to watch on Netflix.

Below’s a total checklist of Netflix hidden codes, arranged by the group;


Codes for Action-Adventure Amusement

To check out, all of Netflix’s action-adventure titles, get in code 1365.


Action funnies:43040.
Activity Science Fiction and Dream:1568.
Activity Thrillers:43048.
Oriental Activity Movies:77232.
Timeless Activity and Journey:46576.
Comics as well as Superhero Movies:10118.
Criminal Activity Action and Adventure:9584.
Military Action as well as Adventure:2125.
Spy Activity and Journey:10702.
Television Activity as well as Experience:10673.
Codes for Comedy.

The code for comedies is 6548.

Comedy particular niches and subcategories:

Ridiculous Comedies:772143.
Activity Comedies:43040.
Anime Comedies:9302.
Timeless comedies:31694.
Cult Funnies:9434.
Dark Comedies:869.
Silly Flicks:2351.
Independent Comedies:4195.
Late Night Funnies:1402.
LGBTQ Comedies:7120.
Political Comedies:2700.
Romantic Funnies:5475.
Slapstick Comedies:10256.
Screwball Comedies:9702.
Sports Comedies:5286.
Stand-Up Comedy:11559.
Teen Comedies:3519.
Funny specific niches.

Below are a few codes that will take you straight to the work of your preferred comedians.

Best Starlet Oscar-Winning Comedies:73649.
Comedies Starring Bill Murray:6853.
Funnies starring Chris Rock:105554.
Comedies Starring Jack Black:24229.
Funnies Starring Jim Carrey:2801.
Comedies Starring Martin Lawrence:2898.
Funnies Starring Tom Hanks:2756.
Comedies Starring Whoopi Goldberg:442.
Wacky Flicks Starring Will Certainly Ferrell:3816.
Codes for Binge-Watching.

Anime Collection: 6721.
Australian Miniseries: 52274.
British Crime Miniseries: 52620.
Emmy-Winning Miniseries: 90949.
Emotional Miniseries: 42444.
Suspenseful Miniseries: 25944.
Historical TV Miniseries: 88350.
Codes for LGBTQ Movies.

entertainment with gender as well as sexuality diversity.

To access the group, go to the code 5977.

LGBTQ Comedies:7120.
LGBTQ Dramas:500.
LGBTQ Documentaries:4720.
LGBTQ TV Reveals:65263.
Enchanting LGBTQ Motion Pictures:3329.
Codes for Justice as well as Vindication Movies.

To locate courtroom as well as political dramas on Netflix, make use of the following codes:

Crime Documentaries:9875.
Crime Dramas:6889.
Ideal Star Oscar-Winning Political Dramas:84343.
Analytical Court Dramas:15971.
Court Room Dramatizations Based on Real Life:11660.
Codes for Scary Motion Pictures.

Independent Thrillers: 3269.
Beast Movies: 947.
Threatening Activity Thrillers: 83526.
Satanic Stories: 6998.
Frightening Funnies: 932.
Slasher and also Serial Awesome Flicks: 8646.
Mythological Scary Movies: 42023.
Teenager Screams: 52147.
Vampire Scary Movies: 75804.
Werewolf Scary Movies: 75930.
Zombie Horror Movies: 75405.
Codes for Romantics.

Ideal Star Oscar-Winning Romantic Flicks 72597.
Ideal Director Oscar-Winning Romantic Comedies: 84344.
Analytical Romantic Motion Pictures: 36398.
Traditional Enchanting Comedies: 29324.
Traditional Romantic Dramatizations Based Upon Publications: 55356.
Codes for Underdog Amusement.

Inspiring Underdog Dramas: 28092.
Inspiring Underdog Dramas Based on Real Life: 26920.
Feel-Good Underdog Dramas: 28089.
Underdog Dramas Based Upon Books: 53238.
Underdog Family Dramas: 29584.
Codes for Family members and also Children’s Fare.


Films for ages 0 to 2: 6796.
Films for ages 3 to 4: 6218.
Movies for ages 5 to 7: 5455.
Movies for ages 8 to 10: 561.
Flicks for ages 11 to 12: 6962.

Pet Tales: 5507.
Youngsters and Family Members Movies: 783.
Critically Acclaimed Talking Pet Computer Animation: 33254.
Disney: 67673.
Education for Youngsters: 10659.
Family members Qualities: 51056.
Children Music: 52843.
Youngsters’ TELEVISION: 27346.
Motion Pictures Based upon Children’s Books: 10056.
TV Animations: 11177.
Codes for Documentaries.

Biographical Documentaries: 3652.
British Historical Docudramas: 3661.
Conspiracy Concept Docuseries: 53599.
Seriously Acclaimed Historical Documentaries: 10466.
Seriously Acclaimed Military Historical Docudramas: 5288.
Codes for Musicals.

Traditional Musicals: 32392.
Classic Enchanting Musicals: 32152.
Coming-of-Age Musicals: 17838.
Seriously Acclaimed Emotional Musicals: 79745.
Woman Power Musicals: 67678.
Music: 170.
Codes for Art House Movies.

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Cerebral Art Home Movies: 29733.
Useless Family Art Home Movies: 28979.
German Art Home Movies: 59556.
Italian Art Residence Movies: 60438.
Scandinavian Art House Movies: 64394.
Codes for Bollywood.

Bollywood Exciting Criminal Offense Movies: 79798.
Bollywood Exciting Comedies: 89863.
Bollywood Exciting Dramas: 75096.
Bollywood Mobster Activity as well as Adventure: 91543.
Bollywood Gangster Movies: 77081.
Bollywood Forbidden-Love Dramas: 68739.
Bollywood Exciting Romantic Motion Pictures: 75094.
Sports Movies (4370 ).

Sports Comedies (5286 ).
Sports Documentaries (180 ).
Sports Dramas (7243 ).
Baseball Flicks (12339 ).
Football Films (12803 ).
Boxing Movies (12443 ).
Football Motion Pictures (12549 ).
Martial Arts, Boxing & Fumbling (6695 ).
Basketball Movies (12762 ).
Sports & Physical Fitness (9327 ).
Codes for Confidence as well as Spirituality.

Belief and Spirituality: 26835.
Belief and Spirituality Movies: 52804.
Children Confidence as well as Spirituality: 751423.
Spiritual Docudramas: 2760.
Codes for Road Trip Movies.

Seriously Acclaimed Trip Comedies: 45407.
Critically Acclaimed Trip Dramas: 45431.
Road Trip Activity as well as Adventure: 45302.

How to use Netflix codes?
Most importantly, Sign up for Netflix.
Choose an account.
In the search bar, enter the secret Netflix codes.
You will be presented with a listing of motion pictures or internet series. Need to know more concerning Action Charming Films?

Making use of these codes reduces the amount of time you spend looking for web content and classifications on the platform. You have paid for Netflix’s subscription and your cash ought to not go lost. Discover brand-new flicks and television Reveals or monitors upcoming launches?

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