Kingston HYPERX Cloud Core KHX Gaming Headset Review

Over the years, the employment of earphones has become a crucial part of the code. this is often for the most part attributed to its skillfulness of use particularly in being attentive to audio looks like music, rhythm, and different varieties of audio while not having to disturb anyone.

Also, the employment of earphones goes a protracted method in reducing abundant of the pollution that comes from this supply.

By taking a lot of gradual approaches, earphones have graduated from their type to turning into headphones. one in all these headphones is that the Kingston HYPERX Cloud Core KHX vice receiver that i’d be reviewing nowadays.

This receiver was factory-made by a school company called Kingston, and with its beautiful options and benefits, it’s become the official receiver for a variety of skilled organizations. Even at that, more people and organis$100ations square measure trying forward to birthing their hands on this receiver.

The Kingston HYPERX Cloud Core KHX vice receiver was designed with explicit classes of individuals in mind; gamers, artists and music lovers. It may also be used for business functions like music production, etc.

Let’s take a glance at a number of the specifications of this device that build it stand out.

Kingston HYPERX Cloud Core KHX vice receiver Specifications


Brand: Kingston

Model: KHX – HSCC – atomic number 97 – francium

Colour: Black

Wearing type: band

Function: mike, Noise Cancelling, respondent Phone

Product Details:

Connectivity: Wired

Application: moveable Media Player, Laptop, movable, microcomputer

Plug Type: three.5mm

Cable Length (m): one m

Driver unit: 53mm

Frequency response: 15Hz~25KHz

Impedance: 60ohms±30 p.c

Sensitivity: 98dB ± 3dB

Dimension and Weight:

Product weight: zero.305 kg

Package Weight: zero.732 kg

Product size (L x W x H): fourteen.50 x 9.50 x 19.00 cm / 5.71 x 3.74 x 7.48 inches

Package size (L x W x H): twenty one.50 x 11.50 x 24.00 cm / 8.46 x 4.53 x 9.45 inches

Package Contents:

1 x vice Headsets

1 x mike

1 x 2.1m Extended Cable

1 x English User Manual

A further examine a number of the options of this device would change America to check the benefits this receiver brings to the table.

The product is showing neatness packed in very paperback instrumentation that includes a spherical area for the most product; the headphones. within the package, the receiver sinks straight into the carton while not shaking therefore on make sure the safety of the merchandise, particularly throughout shipping.

Also during this package is that the 3-ringed wire that is employed in connecting the electro-acoustic transducer to your required contraption. The mike is additionally placed beside the electro-acoustic transducer in a very deep however slim block within the box.

AN English User Manual has conjointly been placed within the package to help users with handling the device.

The Kingston HYPERX Cloud Core KHX vice receiver comes in very black color with red colors at sure various positions. In terms of its length, it’s concerning four inches long, and its breadth is nine inches with a dimension of just about eleven inches.

so as to form it simple for patrons to use, Kingston has been able to produce a receiver that weighs as low as doable. The Kingston HYPERX Cloud Core KHX vice receiver sports a 305g weight creating it one of all the lightest in its classes.

By artifact, the rear ends of this receiver with foams, Kingston has endeavored to provide a tool that continues to be terribly snug to its users whereas sieving sounds for higher quality.

Also, the realm of this contraption that sits on the top is coated with a fabric that forestalls head pain for users particularly for prolonged usage. The device is additionally fitted with a mike which will be used for recordings if the case arises.

One beautiful feature here is that the mike is intended as a detachable device for simple transportation and maintenance.



The Kingston HYPERX Cloud Core KHX vice receiver includes a two.0 sound expertise and it is often used with devices like phones, play station consoles, and laptops amongst others; the association is formed via a three-ringed 3.5mm jack port which may be used for sound and mike functions.

The cords this device uses square measure common and straightforward to induce that makes it a bonus over other headphones.

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The receiver returns a response of concerning 120Hz to 12000Hz of sound, guaranteeing that every one of the parts of the audio track being listened to square measure detected by the user.


The maintenance of the device is straightforward and straightforward to hold out. All it needs is employing a soft textile material with very little or no soap resolution (a mixture of soap and water) to scrub the ear half of} dirt and also the foamy part resting on the top.

Another maintenance precaution declared is that the careful handling of the cords and also the headphones. this can increase the time period of the gadgets.


The Kingston HYPERX Cloud Core KHX vice receiver has been designed with the aim of providing cheap however quality headphones to users. On online marketplaces like Gearbest.

This contraption retails for pretty much $70 which could sound high-ticket to budget patrons however is truly well worth the worth and offers one in all the simplest costs amongst its contemporaries.



Kingston designed this device with comfort in mind that light-emitting diode them to suit this receiver with foam materials that leave easy usage particularly to the ears and also the head.

It is often used with a lot of gadgets; smartphones, laptops, Xbox and different game devices, audio players, and a variety of different devices.

Its sound quality is great with no sound leaks and will do a tremendous job at interference sounds returning from outside.


Its ear cups get too about to the ear thereby effort no area for ventilation.

There aren’t any controls on the device for turning up or turning down the headset’s volume.

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