7 Tips To Maintain Your Solar Panel in New Orleans

Using solar power in Louisiana to generate electricity is an environmentally beneficial option. Solar panels are designed to harness the sun’s rays and transform them into power. Your sustainable energy investment will last longer if you maintain and care for it on a regular basis. Here are 7 tips to maintain your solar panels in New Orleans.

How Do You Maintain Solar Panels in New Orleans, LA?

1. Keep panels out of the shade by trimming trees

Solar panels are affected by shade in a variety of ways, most notably in their capacity to generate electricity. Shading reduces the amount of solar sunlight that reaches your panels, which might result in your panels producing less energy than planned. 


It’s almost hard to keep panels out of the shadows in certain locations. Because of this, trees will be cut down when solar panels are placed, allowing more direct sunlight to shine on the panels.

2. Routinely examine your solar panels

Solar panels are often installed in high places, where they are protected from ground-level trash and damage. However, it’s a good idea to check your panels on a regular basis to ensure that you aren’t losing power because of pollen or tree debris accumulation. 


Your solar panels in New Orleans will sooner or later become covered in the same kind of dirt that accrues on your windows, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on their cleanliness on a regular basis. 

3. Regularly inspect the solar inverters

Make sure you’re keeping an eye on your solar inverter. A green light on any LED should indicate that everything is working properly. More frequent checks to ensure that everything is still running well are quite acceptable.


Keeping a watch on your solar inverters can allow you to catch tiny problems before they turn into large ones. It is possible to detect problems before they get too serious with many inverters.

4. Caring and cleaning is a great maintenance practice

Most of the time, the rain will do the job of cleaning your solar panels for you. This is particularly true when solar panels are put at a higher tilt since dust and pollen are often rinsed away with every shower. 


Any dust or pollen that does collect on your panels may be readily removed by just running them under running water if need be. Some people in New Orleans use a garden hose to spray water on their solar panels. In order to ensure that sunlight reaches solar cells, be cautious to avoid damaging the glass in any way.

5. Request a cleaning or maintenance service from your solar provider

Getting your solar panels cleaned by a professional is no different from your car going in for maintenance or cleaning. An expert solar power cleaning service in New Orleans for your roofing system may be a wonderful choice. It’s more convenient to hire a professional since they’re well prepared for rooftop safety.

6. Monitoring energy use

Because of your net metering agreement with the local utility provider, you may not feel the need to keep track of your personal energy use. Because you’re not personally monitoring the energy production of your panels, depending exclusively on their figures is a disadvantage. Your best bet for ensuring that your whole system is working properly is to install an energy monitor.

7. Document the solar panels’ performance

Solar panel maintenance includes recording the functioning of your solar panels, something you may not think to do at first. Note any shading or inverter concerns as well as the monthly kWh production numbers. Make sure to keep track of these data throughout the year so that you can go back to them in the future.

How Can You Prolong the Life of Your Solar Panels?

In order to last as long as possible, solar panels are designed to need little upkeep. It is also possible to extend the life of your solar panels by taking a few measures.

  • Repair any damage as soon as possible


Despite the fact that solar panel damage is quite rare, it is critical to get it fixed as soon as possible. Weather-related damage, such as a scrape from an overhanging limb or water damage, may worsen with time. When a little problem is neglected, it might grow into a severe one.

  • Choose a reliable solar panel provider in New Orleans


One of the best methods to guarantee that your solar panels will last a long time is to choose the right installation. Installing solar panels is a specialized task that needs extensive technical knowledge. For this reason, it’s essential that you work with a solar provider in New Orleans you can rely on.

Get Started With Solar Panel Maintenance in New Orleans

Your home’s energy system will benefit greatly from the installation of solar panels. If you have solar panels installed, you’ll probably want to take precautions and perform routine maintenance by a trusted solar panel provider in New Orleans to ensure that they survive as long as possible. After all, the more time you spend caring for your solar panels, the better you’ll be at being self-sufficient in energy.

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